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Apple Store Apps

Currently, the Apple Store has tons of downloadable Meditation apps, and many of them are free!  You will need to visit the Apple App Store on your iPhone or Mac to download these apps. Just type Meditation free to see a list of available free downloads (I HIGHLY recommend InsightTimer with 25,000 free meditations). 

Microsoft Store Apps

Currently, the Microsoft Store has 239 downloadable Meditation apps, and 158 of them are free! CLICK HERE to visit the Microsoft Store Meditation Apps page

Blogs an‚Äčd Podcasts


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your inbox...

Live comedy returns to your living room this Saturday, September 4 with an all-new lineup...

  • Sean Grant: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Meet the Browns
  • Chris Martin: Comedy Central Presents, Netflix
  • David Del Rosario: Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv
  • Bil Dwyer: Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing

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I have moved deeper into my digital ministry with my podcast, "Mystic Magic". I've got three episodes up so far. The latest episode features David Ault. The upcoming episodes include folks you know and love like Dr. Will Coleman, Dr. Maisha Hazzard, Rev. Judy Ann Young, Rev. Staci Hylton, Rev. Barbara Bue and Rev. Michelle Jordan.

Here's a link for your convenience:

I know this time has its challenges but I am very happy to announce that my new podcast is up and running! It is called Fearlessly Feral Living and features New Thought spirituality to promote living happier and more peaceful lives. It is a part of my ministry, sponsored by my teaching chapter, CSL Carson City, and I hope you will head on over and give a listen. The link is

I just posted Episode 2 which inspired this meme:


Daniel Nahmod, New Thought Video Network

Blogs & eMagazines

Spirit Speak is a brand-new e-magazine with outstanding style, graphics, and content. Click on the cover above for the latest issue! Past issues are archived here.

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