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There is a shift in consciousness, awareness, and spiritual practice happening right now in the Western world. The trend is away from large congregations (except for the mega-churches, of course) and toward smaller, more personal communities. In addition, today’s technology has opened up a new venue for spiritual practice and spiritual community. This shift is also showing up in the approaches of newly minted, and sometimes newly shifted, ministers. Centers for Spiritual Living refers to these non-traditional ministers as Focus Ministers. Focus ministers are, by definition, unique. Each one approaches ministry from a perspective that has not been seen in the brick-and-mortar centers. Some examples are:

     • Music ministry     • Prison ministry      • Online education     • Yoga and Spirituality      • Retreat and teaching center

These are just a few of the over 40 different versions of focus ministry currently affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. What they have in common is portability, or accessibility. Each one takes the spiritual practice wherever it is needed, either physically or online.

The table below shows all of the currently active CSL Focus Ministries, sorted by state/country, with contact information and a direct email link for each.


Heartfelt Farewells

Rev. Glen Swain

Phoenix, AZ


(602) 738-1150

[email protected]

Graceful Passages For Veterans

Rev. Donna Smith

Sierra Vista, AZ


[email protected] 


One Heart Retreat Center

Rev. Sharri Johnson

185 White Acres Ln.

Marshall, AR 72650-8666


(501) 825-0108

[email protected]

A center for education and spiritual renewal. Online and on-site classes, retreats, and workshops.


Center for Richer Living

Rev. Katherine Revoir

212 Laverne Ave

Mill Valley, CA 94941


415 381-9161

[email protected]


Creative Spirit Institute

Rev. Marilyn Miller


[email protected]

We provide programs and publications for spiritual

living and growth. We offer workshops, retreats, books

and articles. Rev. Marilyn speaks every Sunday on Zoom at the Center for Spiritual Living, Ojai, CA where she is also the Sr. Minister. 

Call for information.

Elder Pride

Rev. Jack Elliott

Fresno, CA



[email protected]

Evoke Peace Now

Rev. Mark Accomando

105B Canyon Rock Rd.

Palm Springs, CA 92264



[email protected]

Sharing empowering spiritual principles, meditation and Peace Practices, serving those healing from addiction issues etc.

Journey of Renewal Focus Ministry

Rev. Sunshine Michelle Coleman

1036 Oak Grove Road, #8

Concord, CA 94518



[email protected]

Offering empowering and transformative services and products to support individuals in discovering and expressing from their full, complete, authentic selves.  Journey of Renewal is the sweet spot where authenticity and integrity meld and empower the individual to stand fully as their unique self through full and honest self-expression.

Living Purpose Institute

Rev. Patrick J. Harbula

2593 Young Ave.,

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360



[email protected]

Living Purpose Institute offers life coaching, business consulting, coach certification, workshops, seminars, sacred ceremony.

Michelle Arellano Ministries

Rev. Michelle Arellano

Venice, CA


[email protected]

OhMyGod! Productions

Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe and Rev. Z Egloff

2716 Lakeview Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 95405


[email protected]

OhMyGod! Productions is focused on speaking and singing at spiritual Centers, producing CDs of inspirational music, and creating online content - including videos, classes and virtual community.

New Thought Prison Outreach

Rev. Aikya Param

375 Van Buren Avenue, Apt. 22

Oakland, CA 94610

[email protected]

[email protected]

Saying Goodbye A Return to Wholeness

Rev. Toni Cormier

5706 Cahalan Ave., #23397

Lathrop, CA



The primary goal of this ministry is to create a sacred space for individuals to examine their personal beliefs regarding death/dying and grief/loss. These all too often taboo topics are an inevitability for all of us, so why not gain knowledge and resources which will allow one to make informed decisions and/or transformation. This ministry also provides individual support that allows one to “say goodbye” to a loved one, relationship, or career. These events can have a direct correlation to the grief process. The grief process is like taking a trip but one does not know where they are going, who will be there to support them, how long it will take, or what they will need; however, along the journey one can discover the resiliency of the human spirit. Our mission is to empower, nurture and guide people through pivotal life transitions.

Spiritual Care Everywhere

Rev. John Odden

Newport Beach, CA


[email protected]


Rev. Lisa Hamilton

PO Box 9154

Santa Rosa, CA 95405


[email protected]

The vision of this focus ministry is to bring mindfulness to the world. The mission of this ministry is to teach and inspire using a combination of yoga and Science of Mind philosophies and practices. The deeply devotional yoga practice compliments the Science of Mind teachings by uniting heart and mind.


Blackbirds Rising Focus Ministry

Rev. Shaun Furlong

Lakewood, CO 80227


(303) 742-0570

[email protected]

Unique Audio Experiences

Uplevel your spiritual consciousness with our distinct, inspiring and spiritual audio programs from the Blackbirds Rising studio

Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery

Rev. Carol Wilke

9249 S. Broadway Blvd. #200-446

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


cell: 303.704.8822

office: 720.344.2300

[email protected]

Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery is a virtual community bringing Science of Mind and New Thought principles to the recovery community through workshops and retreats.

Institute for Richer Living Focus Ministry

Rev. Marilyn Lewis

11719 Zenobia Loop

Denver, CO


(303) 973-8520

United States

[email protected]

IntentionWise Focus Minstry

Rev. Kathy Young

9249 S. Broadway # 200-327

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


(303) 549-0583

[email protected]

Spiritual Living Center for Education & Training

Rev. Paula Belleggie

573 Park Point Dr.

Golden Colorado 80439 USA


(F)720 2709151

[email protected]

We provide accredited Clinical Pastoral Education & Training for those called to chaplaincy & spiritual care ministry.

Spiritual Passages

Rev. Scott Awbrey

1437 Denver Ave. #231

Loveland, CO 80538

[email protected]

Resources for ministers, teachers, and seekers.

Thousands of quotes, stories, prayers, and humor in our Database.

Dozens of complete sermons.

Daily Reflections with a short story, inspirational quote, and affirmative prayer.

Recommendations of spiritual and life-wisdom books.

All the resources in this ministry are free of charge. I built this for you.


Fully Free: Fully Alive, Focus Ministry in Florida

Rev. Thomas Pittman



The mission of Fully Free; Fully Alive is to inspire and empower people affected by addiction and trauma to awaken to their full potential.  Fully Free; Fully Alive provides a full range of virtual and in-person Science of Mind and New Thought spiritual awareness programs locally and nationally to the broader recovery community particularly first responders suffering from extreme trauma

Spirit Education

Rev. James Starke

135 Jenkins St., Suite 105B-177

St. Augustine

FL 32086



[email protected] 



The Focus Ministry brings education online and in person to spiritual seekers, Practitioners and Ministers. We offer both spiritual and computer technology classes to help bring ministries into the 21st century.

We reach out to the organization and beyond, to areas not supported by Spiritual Center through our Practitioner’s Spiritual Living Circles, and their individual ministries. We share all that we know, that others may grow.

The Soul Currency Institute

Rev. Ernest D. Chu

1234 S. Military Trail, Unit 1812

Deerfield Beach FL 33442



[email protected]

Spiritual Economic and Abundance ministry focusing on the inner expression of God manifesting as outer success and flow.


Golden Heart Spiritual Communities Focus Ministry

Rev. Sandra Jackson

4004 Village Lane

Roswell, GA 30075


[email protected]

Golden Heart’s purpose is to create a network of resources for churches and spiritual communities that affirm and foster excellence in individual communities regardless of size.


Credo Focus Ministry

Rev. Aimee Daniels

Chicago, IL 60607


(312) 301-1421

[email protected] 

Credo exists to create opportunity for people to develop a relationship with their authentic self (true nature), individually and in community when they want and where they want, while modeling unconditional love for self and others.

Credo is a safe harbor - an oasis from judgment.

Soul Gym

Rev. Darrell Jones

1249 Waukegan Road

Glenview, IL 60025



[email protected]

Soul Gym is primarily a virtual “space,” where members come daily, weekly or monthly to exercise their spirituality by themselves in small groups and larger community events.


S.O.U.L. Project

Rev. Julie Klinghoffer

3713 W. 121st Street

Leawood, KS 66209



[email protected] 

Exploring the Science Of Unlimited Living: offering classes, workshops & retreats...making personal changes that change the world.


Spirited Contribution

Rev. Christie Hardwick

PO Box 955

Truro, MA 02666


[email protected]

Rev. Christie provides coaching and facilitation to develop leaders who deliver more of their best.


Awakening Mystics: Edu for Transformation

Rev. Colleen Tanaka

Las Vegas, NV


[email protected]

North Carolina

Living Aligned

Rev. Marie Kirkland

Fayetteville, NC


[email protected]


OM Center for Spiritual Education

Rev. Lorna Bradley

Pennsylvania, PA


[email protected]


Live Your Limitless Life

Possibility Programs and Music Ministry

Rev. Donna Michael 

PO Box 128494

Nashville, TN 37212



[email protected]

Reverend Donna Michael’s Nashville-based Focus Ministry offers opportunities that will transform and empower you to live authentically from—and as—the truth of who you were meant to be. Through inspirational messages, services, music, workshops, retreats, and personal counseling and coaching, you are invited to discover and embrace your “True You” infinite possibilities as you claim, celebrate and live your limitless life! The Infinite has no limits—and neither do you!


Creative Heart Focus Ministry

Rev. Gena Gilcrease

1210 Airline Drive,

College Station, TX 77845


(818) 571-6720

[email protected]

Sacred Living Focus Ministry

Rev. Veronica Valles

9540 Garland Road, Suite 381 – 171

Dallas, Texas 75218



[email protected]

Providing Mindfulness and Social and Emotional Intelligence Skill sets in Dallas through innovative programs transforming the landscape and culture of schools as a Community Partner.

We empower children to live compassionate, connected and creative lives thriving in peace and successful learning. We are engaged in our local community in the vision of a world that works for everyone through grassroots collaborations and presentations. 


One Love Animal Connection

Rev. Karen Cleveland

Snohomish, WA



[email protected] 

Spiritual Wisdom Studio

Rev. Amy Aspell

11469 Kallgren Road NE

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


206-780-5825 (F)206-780-5825

[email protected]

Science of Mind in Kitsap County - Spiritual Community, Classes, Counseling & Coaching, Weddings & Memorials.


1 Love Awakening

Rev. Steph St. Amand

Rev. Tamara St. Amand

Spiritual Nourishment for the Awakening Human. Start your day will a Full Cup

Join me Weekdays @8:00 PT on FaceBook LIve for

Wake up!Say Thank You!

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