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One Heart Retreats

Join Rev. Sharri for a weekly exploration of the future of spirituality! Each week Rev. Sharri will interview a different New Thought Focus Minister. Find out who is doing what outside of the brick and mortar tradition and learn how ministry is expanding into every area of our society.

January 24, 2023

 Rev. Dr. Katherine  McClelland

Center for Conscious Living

January 31, 2023

 Rev. Paul Hoyt

Center for Conscious Living

January 3, 2023

  Dr. Laura Mock

Vistara School of Wisdom

January 10, 2023

Rev.  Dr. Jerry Troyer

Urban Street Angels

January 17, 2023

Rev. Dr. Tiffani Kartalian-Milne

Global Truth Center

December 13, 2022

Rev.  Dr. Martha Creek

December 20, 2022

Rev.  Dr. Missy Higginbotham

Emerson Theological Institute

December 27, 2022

Rev.  Dr. Brock Ford


November 22, 2022

Rev. Dr. Charles Geddes

Mind Your Own Becoming

November 29, 2022

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington

Unleash Your LIfe

December 6, 2022

Rev. Jeanne Kataoka

Rev. Susie Ammons

Connection Practice

October 18, 2022

Rev. Dr. Pamela  Stanley

Harmony Spiritual Center

October 25, 2022

Rev. Dr. Michele Wadleigh

Planned Happiness Institute

November 8, 2022

Rev. Jeanne Kataoka

Animal Chaplain

September 27, 2022

Rev. Dr. John Karn


October 4, 2022

Rev. Marie Kirkland

Living Aligned Focus Ministry

October 11, 2022

Rev. Verona Garland

Prosperity on the Move!

September 6, 2022

Rev. James Starke

Spirit Education

September 13, 2022

Rev. Dr. Rick Moss

Awakening Greatness

Please note: Rev. Dr. Rick's book is only available on!

September 20, 2022

Rev. Donna Smith

Graceful Passages for Veterans