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  JUDY BLAISE is a licensed Practitioner Emeritus of Science of the Mind 

  and Spirit. She lives within the Truth of the Oneness of all Life. She is 

  devoted to embodying the Principles of Science of Mind, to experiencing 

  Divine Love, and to seeing all people and situations as expressions of  

  that  Infinite Love – whole, perfect, radiant Light in form. She loves  

  teaching classes, workshops, visioning, and meditation, as well as one-

  on-one spiritual sessions, the core of which is our powerful healing tool,

  Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Judy uses the ZOOM platform for both classes and Practitioner sessions. She can be reached at 505-570-8429 and [email protected]


  SANDY DELL, Licensed Outreach Practitioner and current Region 8 

  Practitioner Representative, is your Personal Hungry Soul Technologist!    Positioning herself as a “Spiritual Chef” cooking up spiritual nutrition      

  for hungry souls and truth seekers, she welcomes you to share these    

  teachings. Sign up to her newsletter via the website, Spiritual Tools for

  Hungry Souls, and follow along for a day, a year, or a lifetime. This is  

  where hungry souls can always get a warm, friendly spiritual meal.

  Launch of the website, Spiritual Tools for Hungry Souls, represented a    

  culmination of a lifelong spiritual journey. Also, she continues to grow a 

  client base of “hungry souls” seeking Hungry Souls Manifestation 

  “treatment” sessions

  You can contact Sandy via email at [email protected] or 

  schedule your session via her website page:

  Hungry Souls Treatment Sessions

You are loved!


Laura is Spiritual Counselor (Clairvoyant Medium). You can walk away from a session feeling relaxed, renewed, and confident in the process of life with a peaceful knowing that all is as it should be. You are now back on the right path and headed in the right direction.

Private Sessions are done over Zoom, Skype video, Messenger video or Phone so you can stay in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

You can bring questions about anything going on in your life, specific events, specific people and spiritual questions as well, it`s really up to you.

Sessions are $125 and last 1 hr. 🙏🌷☀️

Laura Hoorweg

Spiritual Counselor

Clairvoyant Medium

[email protected]


REV. SUZANNE GRACE ROLLE is an Interfaith Minister, Licensed CSL Spiritual Practitioner, Church Chaplain, Certified Quantum Life Coach, Meditation and Yoga teacher.

Rev. Suzanne brings a unique understanding of the Oneness of Life and the Joy of Living. Whatever people are going through OR rising to - she is a supportive, compassionate friend and a guide to Good and to possibilities. Rev. Suzanne’s minister's heart and minister's consciousness are the backbone and the spirit of what she offers.

Today is a good day for a prayer, isn’t it ?!

You can work with Rev. Suzanne by telephone or 

via the virtual ZOOM platform. 530-488-0620 

Connecting Through Music

Music is medicine for the Soul. I personally cannot imagine my life without it. From sounds that deepen my meditation, to tunes that make me cry or sing at the top of my lungs, to melodies that ignite passion or melancholy ... sound is a teacher and healer.

This month, let’s explore together the music that moves and awakens us. From our homes, we can connect through music; sharing our favorite artists, songs, lyrics, memories and feelings.

What music moves you? What sounds ignite a higher vibration in your body and heart? Here are some artists that touch my soul just off the top of my head/heart, current and past:

Nahko and Medicine for the People (If you have not explored this man and his music, do yourself a favor!)

Michael Franti, ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra), Cake, Gallactic, Eva Cassidy, Heart, Dave Mathews, The Cars, Elton John, The String Cheese Incident, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top. Share some of yours!

And please consider sharing your heart, journey, dreams, healings, awakenings and questions with me through virtual sessions and also submitting questions for the “Ask Stef” advice column in Guide for Spiritual Living, Science of Mind magazine. I so treasure our shared journey.

With you in consciousness and with big virtual hugs,


 Submit your questions and connect with Stef on-line at 

[email protected] – (303) 257-7807 

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