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Click here to register!

Rev Michelle Wadleigh is returning again with “No Mud, No Lotus, A journey into Forgiveness”.

This is a course for Practitioners, that will help you heal not only any our your own unhealed hi(story), but it will help you with practices to help you heal your clients. It begins Tuesday, February 2nd at 1PM Eastern. The cost is $150 with discounts for returning No Mud, No Lotus students.

You’ll find more information about this course at

There has been so much call for a non-Practitioner version of this course to help us all heal our past, that Rev. Michelle has also released and reoffered this popular self-healing course for all students of New Thought, so she is returning each Tuesday evening with her self-forgiveness healing course “Forgive to Live Free!” It begins Tuesday, February 2nd at 7PM Eastern. Its cost is $150 with discounts for returning “Forgive to Live Free” students.

More info is available at   

We are back with part two along our journey. Now, referring to the program as Healing the Divide, we are preparing to launch our next series.

Giovana Kanu and Maureen de Brito, supported by Rev. Michelle are the current team leaders, and we have invited a new load of facilitators to the program and collectively we are busy preparing for you. Our new facilitators come to us from across the country and Canada.

The program begins on Monday, March 1 at 8 pm, Eastern. The program is SIX-weeks long and promises to be unique and stimulating. Please invite friends and family.

Be well,

Giovanna, Maureen, Michelle


The format of this program is greatly inspired by you all. 

Here is the link to register:

I am excited to share with you that Eugene Holden, RScP, will be facilitating "Igniting Your Life with Bible Wisdom." For some this is a chance to create (or re-create) a relationship with this ancient text. Contrary to what many people think, the teachings are totally applicable to today. Take this opportunity to "ignite your life"!

This 14-session course will be held over 15 weeks beginning March 3rd ... on Zoom (of course!)

CALENDAR: Wednesday evenings, 

                                  March 3rd through April 7th

                          Wednesday evenings,  

                                 April 21st through June 9th

TIME: 6:30 to 9:30 PM Eastern Time

COST: $225.00


After you register, the Zoom link will be sent to you.

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