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About One Heart Retreat Center

One Heart Retreat Center rests on 12.2 acres of wooded land with three existing houses, a barn, a potting shed, a pond and creek, and a large garden plot. The smallest of the three houses is the Minister’s home. The next smaller is our administrative center, with the Minister’s office, a registration/reception area, two bedrooms for work exchange folks, and a lobby/lounge area. The largest house, the actual Retreat Center holds three dorm rooms, a classroom, and a conference room, in addition to the kitchen, pantry, and dining hall. Between the administration building and the Retreat Center, we are creating a gravel parking lot (just grass set off by logs right now). To the north of the parking lot is a stocked catfish pond, which provides an ideal meditative opportunity for many folks. To the south of the Retreat Center is a potting cottage that will be converted into a small meditation chapel.

As funds become available, we will add additional dorm space and a wedding chapel, as well as new outdoor facilities: a Japanese rock/meditation garden, a sweat lodge and medicine wheel (near the pond and beside the creek),  a rose labyrinth large enough to allow wheelchair access, and a small meditation chapel - converted from a doll-house potting shed. In order to be as self-sustaining as possible, we will also plant a large vegetable garden and a fruit orchard. The fruit orchard will be planted around the chapel, between our home and the garden.

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