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One Heart Retreats

 World Peace Mandala

This barn quilt was designed by Rev. Sharri Johnson and created by a local artist from Witts Springs, AR , Cindy Allen Garmoe.

The elements of the design, which represents the interdenominational world peace focus of One Heart Retreats, from the outer edge inward, are:

* 12 symbols of major religions around the world, starting at 12:00

  • Science of Mind teaching symbol (Centers for Spiritual Living)
  • Wheel of life (Buddhism)
  • Ying/Yang (Confucianism)
  • Shinto Gate (Japanese)
  • Christian Cross
  • Moon and Star (Islam)
  • Jainism
  • Baha'i
  • Medicine Wheel (Native American)
  • OM (Hinduism)
  • Ankh (Egyptian)
  • Mogen David (Star of David, Judaism)
* The Planet Earth

* FROG (Fully Rely On God)

* Silver Peace Symbol around FROG's neck

These elements can be seen in the photos on the right below. The mandala hung originally on the outside of One Heart Retreat Center; now it hangs  in the staircase of Rev. Sharri's home.

The artist is shown above beside the newly installed  mandala.  

The second photo shows the artist's signature.