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One Heart Retreats

 World Peace Mandala

This barn quilt was designed by 

Rev. Sharri Johnson and created by local Witts Spring artist, Cindy Allen Garmoe.

The elements of the design, which represents the interdenominational world peace focus of One Heart Retreat Center, from the outer edge inward, are:

* 12 symbols of major religions around the world, starting at 12:00

  • Science of Mind teaching symbol (Centers for Spiritual Living)
  • Wheel of life (Buddhism)
  • Ying/Yang (Confucianism)
  • Shinto Gate (Japanese)
  • Christian Cross
  • Moon and Star (Islam)
  • Jainism
  • Baha'i
  • Medicine Wheel (Native American)
  • OM (Hinduism)
  • Ankh (Egyptian)
  • Mogen David (Star of David, Judaism)
* The Planet Earth

* FROG (Fully Rely On God)

* Silver Peace Symbol around FROG's neck

These elements can be seen in the photos on the right below. The mandala hangs on the side porch of the Retreat House, beside the wheelchair ramp.

The artist is shown above beside the newly installed  mandala.  

The second photo shows the artist's signature.